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“Playgirlz Need Luv 2” Necklace GOLD


Image of “Playgirlz Need Luv 2” Necklace GOLD

Cute AF, “Playgirlz Need Luv 2” the necklace is here! This is a GOLD PLATED, STAINLESS STEEL necklace which measures approximately 18” inches and has a 2” inch extender for added length. As you can see in all it’s gorgeousness, it features a PB bunny with a tear which I have dedicated to all my pretty homegirl$ with tears on their pillow. Laced on a thin mariner style chain, this dainty beauty is perfect to call the right amount of extra attention if needed LOL.

Crafted from medical grade STAINLESS STEEL, this necklace will not turn ugly so you dont even gotta worry mija!